Ask Harjit Why Microsoft Ignite?


I’ve been a strong supporter of Microsoft technologies and an influencer on the Microsoft conference scenes, particularly TechEd, and now Microsoft Ignite.  I was invited to join the TechEd Roundtable team in November 2013 for the TechEd conference in Houston, and again in September 2014 for the Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago. Roundtable members are individually selected based on various criteria, including their tech industry, technical background, influence within the IT Pro communities, and professionalism. Roundtable members have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the conference planning team, provide suggestions, address issues or concerns, receive advance information on upcoming news or implementations, and have a direct channel of communication with the key people in the Microsoft events circle.

This week, I’m honored to be featured by the Microsoft Ignite team on all their social media channels with my take on why one should attend the Ignite conference. Thank you to all on the Microsoft Ignite team.  Cheers!  Here’s the Twitter post by MS_Ignite.

“You can have a very broad experience to try and learn about newer things that you’re interested in or you could focus on the stuff you actually do at work and enhance that.”

V2_RoundtableIcon_Ignite    0026_MSFT_TechEd_Round_Table_v2

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