Microsoft MVP 2018-2019 Renewal

I’m so Thankful, honored, and excited to receive the above email from the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award team confirming my award renewal for the 2018-2019 year. This is my second consecutive award since receiving my first one on January 1, 2017. It has been a wonderful, exciting, fun, challenging, and rewarding experience with endless opportunities.

The MVP award has provided some great opportunities for me in terms of my career growth, skill development, and avenues to give back and help others in the IT Professional community. I have been invited to speak at conferences such as Microsoft Ignite (Orlando 2017), MVP Community Connections (Boston and New York City), TechMentor, IT/Dev Connections, MMSMOA, user groups, webinars, as well as opportunities to guest blog, expert panelist, review technical books, test and evaluate software, provide technical expertise, guest podcaster, community reporter at Ignite 2017, community engagement specialist at various events, and much more.

I am very grateful and appreciative for my MVP award and various opportunities provided to me over time. Thank you very much to each and every one of you for making me successful in my efforts as a MVP, IT Professional, and community contributor, and for providing me with the valuable resources and networking opportunities. Thank you!

Happy New Year 2017

Greetings and Happy New Year to all. Wishing you lots of happiness, good health, abundance of love, wealth, prosperity, safety, adventurous travels, kindness, and much much more.

Here’s my vlog message for you!

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T-Bone > The Crash!

So, this happened today! We (Francisca from Chile and Lewis from Sweden and I) were involved in a bad car crash this morning at the entrance of the Richmond VT park-and-ride as we were about to pickup Faryal (exchange student from Pakistan). We were going to travel to Randolph for an AFS Vermont event with other exchange students.

As I crossed Main St on a green light from the I-89 Southbound off-ramp (exit 11), a lady driving a Jeep Wrangler T-boned my car at approximately 50 MPH (she beat a red light) causing my car to spin and airbags were deployed. There were no skid marks to indicate that she braked, so my car ended up as her brakes. Judging from her demeanor and eye-witness accounts of her conversations, she was driving distracted. My passengers were screaming and crying due to the impact and bruising Incurred to their legs and body but they were okay. They were transported by ambulance to the hospital emergency room for evaluation and later released. Both kids are doing fine but are sore and bruised. I’m glad that they didn’t sustain any physical injuries or internal complications. I’m so glad that I asked Fran to sit at the back so she could have a conversation with Lewis. Otherwise, she would have sustained some very severe physical injuries as the front passenger side was the most impacted and was badly crushed.

Thank you to the awesome first responders for their professionalism and for taking good care of us. A special Thank you to Faryal and her host mom Maribella for the amazing help, support, and comfort on-scene and for spending the time with us at the ER. I’m sorry that these three wonderful kids had to miss their retreat with their friends today but I hope to make it up to them soon. Also, a big Thank you to our friends Aly and Larry for taking care of our daughter, Hannah while we dealt with the crash situation.

I was informed by the firefighters that we were very lucky due to the type of car I drove. The Hyundai Sonata was designed well and kept us safe. I have always loved this car and even more now. The car is a total loss but it can be replaced. I’ll have to deal with all the insurance stuff, DMV reports, etc next week which will be an inconvenience but will need to be done. As for me, I guess I’m okay. The shock has started to wear off and the stiff neck is starting to sink in. I’m sure if I was t-boned on the driver’s side, I wouldn’t be here posting this message. So, that’s a good thing! Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me to check in on our situation.


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Check out the video of the aftermath:

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I Voted!!

I voted for the first time today as a US citizen!  It’s even better that I voted for CHANGE and in a historic election in the USA.  
By the way, I also wrote in my name for Justice of The Peace and voted for myself!  I’m awesome!  
I’m Harjit Dhaliwal and I approve this message!
**  These pictures were taken with my cellphone.

The New Citizen!

As of 10;00AM on October 16, 2008, I became a US citizen.
I have been living in the USA for about 15 years and decided that it was about time that I got my citizenship. The whole process took about 15 months from the time I applied in July 2007. I took my test on Tuesday, October 14, 2008, and my oath on the next morning in a private ceremony.
By the end of the day, I had registered to vote and had applied for my passport.